Slideshow. Most photos taken by myself. Thank you to those others who’s photos I have included here. Hope you like the music. One of my favourite pieces by Marvin Hamlisch.


  1. Hi Dave

    I bet those LOEs become a bit interesting (in theory, at least!) if one of the scenarios involves fuel. I took one look at the fuel schematic you put up there and… well, I thought the best thing was to just have another Peroni.

    IAs much as you love the aircraft, i’s a shame the pigeons have come home to roost for Airbus. It’s a massive, over-engineered loss maker.


    Martin Greathurst

    (In the High Court with BA, next year… it ain’t going to be pretty for them. Get your pension into a SIPP sharpish, matey).


    1. It is a very clever piece of kit Martin. Personally, I believe we are in a dip in terms of orders, but as the major airports around the world become more congested with the massive increase in passenger numbers in the next few years, airlines will start buying the A380 again. I hope I’m right. It is the best airliner in the world.


  2. My very first commercial flight was with BOAC in a Boeing Stratocruiser circa 1958 to the US and if memory serves me well I think it was well over 15 hours.

    After which there have been a grand selection of the good, the bad and downright ugly of aircraft that have been my pleasure (not always) to have flown in and most of which have been “of their time” in terms of comfort, speed.and technology but have to say the A380 is without doubt, in my humble opinion of course and from a customers point of view, the best of the best,

    If one has to travel far and wide then the A380 is THE metal tube to use.


  3. Just stumbled onto this site Captain, brilliant ! The fuel/cog post is fascinating; I read a book about Concorde and how important fuel distribution/cog was on that. There is no doubt that the A380 is a brilliant piece of kit and will gradually overtake the 747 in all areas. The 747 was and is still a great aircraft but the A380 is not just the new “Jumbo”, it is the whole Zoo!
    Looking forward to more “inside” info Captain. Gear up and Happy New Year.



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